Sometimes the direct mail I get is just plain boring! It still drives response, but what if we can take that boring direct mail and create something fun? If we do that, we can potentially increase your response and just maybe get people talking about it too. About now I am sure you are wondering how we can make direct mail fun, so let’s look at a few ideas:

  1. Cards: These are not just your every day cards for birthdays or Christmas. How about sending cards for Ground Hog Day or an Un-Birthday card. Have a fun little personal message in there and include an offer for a product or service that they would be interested in.

  2. Calendars:  Create personalized calendars with things that each person is interested in. Include a fun idea or activity each month along with an offer they are interested in. I love pigs so if you sent me a pig calendar I would love it and post it for all to see!

  3. Comic: Create a comic strip to give them laughs. We all like to laugh so find a way to create a comic that you can then use to entice people to reply to your offer.  This can be fun because you can have an ongoing theme that addresses issues each month while making people laugh.

These three ideas are unique ways to get attention. You can also try pop-up mailers or dimensional mailers. Both of them can be fun and create curiosity on the part of the recipient. It’s not all just fun and games though. The reason adding fun to your direct mail works is because people remember it and feel compelled to respond. Use psychology to help you drive the responses you are looking for.

5 Tips For Direct Mail Design

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