Lately direct mail has gotten a bad rap, people are saying it is dead or dying when in fact that is very far from the truth. Sometimes marketers need facts to support our knowledge that direct mail is not only relevant to recipients, but also wanted. It may not be the cool/hip marketing channel, but direct mail is just as relevant, if not more so today.

Here are a few facts we have collected about consumers and direct mail.

  • 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately compared to only 45% who say they deal with email straightaway. – Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

  • Direct mail is the preferred channel for receiving marketing from local shops (51%) and banks (48%), while email is preferred for events and competitions (50%). – fast.MAP

  • 2012 benchmarks say that direct mail still reigns supreme, offering response rates of 1.1 to 1.4% versus 0.03% for email, 0.04% for Internet display ads, and 0.22% for paid search. – Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

  • In the Direct Mail Information Service report, it highlights that over ¾ of direct mail is opened by the recipients and 63% read the contents.

In 2014 and beyond direct mail will continue to play a vital marketing role for companies. While people are inundated daily with electronic messaging it gets easier and easier for them to block it all. When this happens your marketing message is not getting through. Direct mail can change that by offering a refreshing form of communication that is not intrusive and can drive them to online information, registration and ordering. Direct mail should not be looked at as a dinosaur but as a true leader in marketing. When combined with other channels, direct mail is a real driver of response.

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