The PRC has made an official ruling and the postage rates proposed by the post office earlier this fall, will go into effect on January 26, 2014. Over all the postage increases are not too large, in most cases it is less than a penny per category. The most expensive leap is for regular first class. That is going up a full penny.

On another note, the USPS had intented to require all mailings to be submitted full service along with the rate increase, however the PRC decided they could not do that. The PRC ruled that it amounted to another postage increase for anyone not using full service. As of right now we do not know when the post office will require full service. Full service is submitting all postal paperwork and data to the post office electronically to speed up processing on their end.

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In order to get the best postage rates, it is advisable to mail as close to the destination as possible to pick up extra postage discounts. For instance, if your addresses are in San Diego CA, then you want to enter your mail at the San Diego BMEU which is in the Carmel Mountain area. This allows you to get a SCF discount on your mail. If you have to mail from San Diego to another area of the country, it is advisable to drop ship the mail closer to its destination to get that SCF discount there. The postage savings in most cases, will out weigh the cost of shipping.

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