Personalized direct mail is not new. Roughly half the mail I receive is personalized. However, there are different levels of personalization. Just putting my name on there is not really helping your cause. Personalization can be very powerful when used correctly.

7 Tips for better personalized direct mail:

  1. Gender: How can you use gender to speak better to me? As a female, you can target me with products and services that help out women.

  2. Geographic: Where I live matters. How can you speak to that? Are you helping others that live near me? Can you give me a map to your location from my home?

  3. History: If I have purchased from you before, what can you recommend based on that? If my supply is low, suggest I buy more.

  4. Similar interests: You can partner with companies that have compatible or similar products or services and do a list swap. Create offers for their customers based on what they have bought and how yours can help them even more.

  5. Demographic: Use other information that you have gathered on people’s demographics to create offers they are most interested in.

  6. Profile: Look at your list and profile who your best customers are. Gather all the information you know about them and then purchase a list of similar people. Send offers to them based on what your best customers bought.

  7. Enhance your data: There are many append services available to help you gather more information about your customers and prospects. They can take your list and add information to it to help you better target your marketing.

The more you know about me, the better you can target what I want. When I get and offer in the mail for products or services I use or would like to try, I respond to it. Sending me coupons for baby diapers is not going to work. I have a teen not a baby. The more targeted the offer the better your response rate is going to be. It also helps to keep you out of the trash with future offers. If you sent me something useful in the past, I am more likely to pay attention to what you are sending me now.

How To Effectively Use QR Codes

Track your efforts, not just for results but to add more information into your data. Continually building up your data is the best way to keep your offers current. If you have any questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help.