Fulfillment and packaging is more than just shipping out materials. It is the key to your company’s success. You need the materials to be shipped correctly, on time, and in good condition in order to meet your staff and clients expectations. That is why having the correct fulfillment company is required.

Is your fulfillment provider giving you performance information? Here are a few key areas that you should know about:

  1. On-time shipments: How often have your ship dates been met?
  2. On-time deliveries: How often were deliveries rcvd on the date requested?
  3. Order accuracy: How often do your orders arrive correctly?
  4. Orders per month: How many orders are shipping each month?
  5. Receiving to order ability times: How quickly does an item become available for order after it is received?
  6. Low inventory: Are you getting low inventory notifications? Are they soon enough to reorder without causing backorders?
  7. Return handling: When returns come, do you know it? Do you know why? Are they inspected for issues?

Reporting via an online portal gives you 24/7 information in an easy format and allows you to see the process in real time. This information can help you plan for busy times and get a handle on your products. Fulfillment can be a real challenge when done incorrectly. Make sure that you take the time to work with your fulfillment company to get all the necessary reports and issues you can think of.

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