These days email marketing is harder than ever, with more and more filters blocking your content as well as recipients not reading what does make it into their inbox. So we have put together a few tips to help you improve your results.

4 Ways to get your email into the in box:

  1. Do not buy email lists: The quickest way to get black listed as a spammer is to send emails to people that have not opted into your email marketing.
  2. From address: Keep your from address the same for all email marketing. People will become accustomed to it and be less likely to hit the spam button.
  3. Send only what they ask for: If someone signs up to get your weekly coupons, do not add them to your newsletter and vice versa. You can ask them if they would like to be added to other communications, but do not assume it.
  4. Strong subject lines: Take time to really create compelling subject lines that do not include all caps, use too many !!! marks, use only an image and no text, or use words like free. Coloring your font in red or green is a big no no too.

5 changes you can make to increase your open rates:

  1. Add extra links: You can add your link in more than one location and create it as a button to draw attention to it. Buttons are clicked on more often than linked text.
  2. Change the time you send: People are more apt to read emails during the day that at night. The most open rates are between 2pm and 5pm so start your next campaign during that time.
  3. Change the day of the week you send: Most emails are sent on Tuesday and Thursday, so try a different day of the week. Stay away from weekends since most people do not read their emails.
  4. Split up your data: Try to create test groups to identify which days and times work best for you and your recipients. You can also text offers and link placement, just don’t test too many things at one time.
  5. Allow people to sign up: Offer different contact levels when people sign up to get your emails. You can create groups of people based on how often they want to be contacted such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and so on.

Trying these tips should help you improve your email open rates as well as your ROI. Sometimes it is necessary to have someone outside your organization receive your email and check for problems. It may look good from within your organization, but the true test is what everyone else will see. Make sure to also look them over in various email programs from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and so on. Be creative and have some fun with it.

Learn 15 Tips for better Email Marketing!

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