If someone asks you whether you want a Coke or Pepsi, you immediately know you’re being asked about certain carbonated beverages. Both these major cola bottlers spend millions of dollars trying to coerce you into having a definite opinion about which one you prefer. With that in mind, you must be asking, how do you accomplish this same brand recognition on the web?  What you’ll need to do is build a site that highlights your organization’s uniqueness. Create a design that draws customers …and keeps them there.

Here are 6 tips: 

  • Great design: A professional-looking design is a must. Carefully plan the layout, including graphics, and keep a consistent look across the site. Your site should reflect your traditional corporate image such as logos, colors, and so forth.

  • Accessibility: Create easy access to all areas of your website. The customer should be able to get to what they want in four clicks or less. Use menus, site maps, call to action buttons and shortcuts to help achieve this.

  • Recognizable: Using consistent colors and logos for all advertising will build the brand. Make sure to carry the look across all marketing channels.

  • Incentives for customers to stick around: The main page of your site should highlight special promotions and you should change them frequently.

  • Current information: This is not only a good idea from a viewer’s perspective, but it will also help you rank higher in search engines. Publish blogs that mean something to your viewers, such as how your products and services make their lives easier along with tips and tricks they can use. Case studies and examples of how to use products give existing customers reason to return and potential customer’s reasons to be interested in your site.

  • Up-to-date appearance: Use special graphics for holiday seasons, events, and so forth. This will keep the site’s appearance fresh and up-to-date.

How Print Fits Into A Digital World

These are the features of an impressive website that customers believe is successful and worthy of their business. Remember, you can’t substitute image for substance. Flashy graphics and a slick appearance may get you started, but it won’t keep you going. Delivering quality timely information easily, will make your customers love you and they’ll tell their friends about how great you are. Don’t forget to include sharing buttons so that your great information can easily be sent to others.