Are you using Mobile Marketing? Even if you think you are not, you are. Mobile marketing is not just text messaging. It’s creating a mobile presence for your brand. Think of all the ways your marketing compels people to respond and then consider how it looks when they use a mobile device. Your customers and prospects are visiting your website from tablets and mobile phones. Is your website using responsive design? Responsive design allows your website to adjust to the device that is viewing it, so no matter what size the screen your website looks good. If your website is not set up correctly, prospects/customers will move on to the next site that is.

Where to add mobile:

  1. Website: This is your number one priority. Get your website using responsive design as soon as possible. You want to project your best to everyone who visits you. This is not a big investment and well worth the effort.
  2. Landing pages: Every landing page you create needs to have mobile in mind. Responsive design is required with landing pages so that people can easily respond on the device they are using.
  3. Email: Most people check their email from a mobile device. Make sure when you are designing it that your messaging looks good for mobile.
  4. Direct Mail: Use augmented reality(AR), near field communication(NFC), QR codes, or PURL’s to add mobile to your physical piece and drive online engagement.

Mobile is so much more than text messaging. It is the gateway to your online brand. Enhance your prospect/customer engagement by providing them an easy way to respond to you, look for information and share with others. The return on your investment will be worth it. Mobile users are growing every day, so you are losing key prospects/customers each day that your site does not make it easy for them to interact on mobile devices.

Learn how Mobile Marketing can make your Direct Mail better!

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