So let’s take a minute to define mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is text messages, short codes, landing pages, websites, QR Codes, Social Media and NFC. Mobile offers a variety of touch points and you could even include email since the majority of people check their email on a mobile device. With all of these options which ones do you choose?

Well let’s look at each one and identify the key points:

  • Text Messages – These can be SMS or MMS with a broadcast message. (These can be targeted messages by tailoring the message to groups of like people) You can also send triggered texts based on location or time.
  • Short codes – These codes invite people to send a short code to respond to an offer such as text 12345 to receive a $5 coupon. These are common now and people do respond to them as long as the offer is applicable. Many nonprofit events have a short code to text donations.
  • Landing pages – When creating a campaign that will be viewed on a mobile device it is extremely important to create mobile versions of the landing pages. These pages have less graphics, larger buttons and overall less information than one viewed from a PC.
  • Websites – More people do internet searches on their mobile devices than they do on desktop computers now. That means your website needs to be mobile friendly. Make it easy to use, provide click to call or click to purchase options. You can also provide click for directions.
  • QR Codes – These barcodes are scanned by mobile devices, therefore when you use them make sure what you are pointing them to is mobile ready. It ties back into the mobile landing pages.
  • Social Media – is growing daily and most of it is done on mobile devices. You can use social to help drive your mobile marketing by posting on your social networks about your campaigns, like the $5 off coupon. This information can easily be shared with friends and can grow the exposure of your camping exponentially.
  • NFC – Is Near Field Communication which allows a mobile device that is NFC enabled to get marketing messages just by tapping it near the NFC embedded chip. The really neat feature about this is the user does not need to download an app for it to work, like you do with QR Codes. So if you are a retail store and have a banner in your window you can add and NFC chip for people to get an instant $5 off coupon that they can use in store right then.

Are you ready to start your mobile marketing? Make sure you are tracking your results. Knowing which offers work and when to send them will greatly enhance your future campaigns. Would you like more tips? Click Here.

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