What does mobile marketing look like when done right? A grand automotive maker creating awesome graphics and interactive 3D images, or something more scaled down like a simple text message letting me know my prescription is ready? It can be both, but most likely you do not have the big budget that the auto makers do. Instead of just ignoring mobile because you think your budget won’t allow you to do it, think of easier ways to incorporate it into your marketing mix. Really think about what will benefit your customers/prospects that will be easy to roll out and manage going forward.

Here are a few ideas that may work for you. If you make phone call notifications now, think about asking for permission to text message instead. You can set it up automatically and save yourself time and money on phone calls. In store or online, invite your customers to sign up for text alerts when a time-sensitive deal pertinent to their interests emerges. Avoiding the clutter and disorganization of print coupons, text-based deals and invites are key to driving customer loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction. If you are a restaurant, you could get mobile numbers and text message people when their table is ready. What about text notifications when the item they ordered has shipped?

The old adage ‘keep it simple stupid’, applies to mobile marketing as well. If it’s easy for you,
easy for your customers and prospects and gives them something they need, it will work. Just starting with making your website mobile friendly will really help. Providing current or prospective customers with a website optimized for the mobile screen is essential in the mobile age. Best of all, setting up a mobile website is fast and surprisingly easy. You should make sure that your email configurations are set up for mobile viewing too.

One last thing to remember, is, whenever you contact your customers, make sure it is for a good reason. No one likes to have useless emails or texts bombarding their screens.  If you send out pointless reminders or updates not pertinent to individual customers, you are more likely to be labeled a spammer. Get creative and have fun with it!

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