Your website is the digital equivalent of your head office. If your visitors arrive to find it cluttered, hard to get around, or no one there to greet them and make sure they’re comfortable, their first impression won’t be a favorable one. That could mean them clicking away, and you losing a sale, a visitor, or a valued customer. Responsive website design is your key to making sure your customers have a positive browsing experience regardless of which device they are using. With mobile becoming increasingly popular with consumers, responsive web design has never been more important.


Why Mobile Matters More Than Ever


Mobile is becoming increasingly popular with consumers, with many people turning to mobile devices as a matter of course when it comes to researching businesses, connecting with them, and making purchases. Research by The Nielsen Company suggests that as many as 46 percent of consumers use mobile exclusively when looking up business information online, with one out of three relying on mobile when making a purchase. 


What do these statistics mean for your business? They mean that your customers and potential customers are using smartphones and tablets to look for businesses like yours. Your website needs to be optimized for those customers.


How Responsive Web Design Works


Responsive web design works by adapting your website to suit any device it’s displayed on. That’s particularly important in today’s mobile world, when a customer could just as easily click to your website on a smartphone or tablet as on a laptop or PC. Responsive web design means that your website is coded to adjust to the screen size and dimensions it’s being viewed on. From images to important information, and from menus to navigation, everything is displayed in a way that looks good and is easy to use.


You can make your web design responsive by asking your web designer or programmer to code it that way, by finding a web designer if you don’t currently use one, by building it in-house using a web platform that offers responsive design as standard, or by using one of the easy to use mobile website builders that are available online.


How Responsive Web Design Helps Your Business


Responsive web design means your website is displayed perfectly for your customers no matter where they are or what device they are using. In concrete terms, responsive web design is an investment that will make you money in the long term.


When your customers visit your site, they are looking for the information they want in a format that’s easily accessible. Without responsive web design you run the risk of your content resizing in a way that hides important information, looks unsightly, makes it difficult to click around, or makes it hard to navigate without scrolling or zooming. When that happens, you risk losing your customer and any potential sales to a competitor as they go elsewhere on the web for a site that is easy to use on their device of choice.


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Responsive web design gives your customers an online experience that adapts to them and makes their visit straightforward, rather than demanding that they adapt to your site. Your business will make a good impression, and your customers will be more likely to stay and do business with you. If you need help or have questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!