How effective is your multi-channel marketing campaign? That’s the question that you need to answer to make the most of your marketing, focusing on what works best and spending your budget in the most effective way. Before you launch any campaign or promotion, set a system in place that will allow you to track the results of that campaign.


Tracking your results means you can see what resonated best with your customers, what got the most interaction, and what led to the most sales, sign-ups, or shares. You then have the information you need to further hone your campaigns, focusing your resources on the things that work, and preventing your business from losing money on the things that don’t.


Here’s how you can track some of the most common marketing channels:



  • Print marketing and direct mail – with printed pieces and mailers, make sure each one offers your customers a way to respond, and a way you can track those responses. If you are using QR codes, URLs, or coupons, each one should click through to a landing page unique to that particular campaign so you can track traffic from that source. If you offer customers the opportunity to text or call you, have a telephone analytics system in place so you can track which campaign generated the most calls and sales.
  • Social media – social media metrics are your best ally when it comes to tracking social media marketing. Metrics will tell you which tweets, posts or updates generated the most activity, including likes, shares and re-tweets. As well as individual posts or topics, you’ll be able to see which customers respond most and what times of day work particularly well.
  • Email – email offers up a wealth of metrics you can track to help you assess the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Choose your tracking program and make sure it’s ready to go before you start so you can keep an eye on how many customers open your emails, click links in them, and take action (such as a purchase or sign up for more info) after clicking. You can also track unsubscribe rates to see what isn’t working.
  • Mobile – mobile marketing can be used to send out coupons, updates, offers and texts direct to your customers’ smartphones via SMS or an app. By tracking click through rates and replies, and examining any relevant in-app metrics, you can build up an image of how customers are interacting with your mobile marketing.
  • Content marketing – as well as social media, which we’ve already covered, content marketing also includes content such as blog posts, white papers, eBooks, and infographics. As well as page views or downloads, you can use your website metrics to determine where your visitors are coming from, how they are interacting with your content, and how frequently your content drives them to click a link or take other action.

No matter what kind of marketing method you’re using, ask yourself first how you will track it. Give your multi-channel campaigns the best chance of success by putting a tracking system in place for each channel so you can compare and contrast their effectiveness and return on investment.

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