What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a term that describes the use of social networks, online communities, blogs or any other online collaborative media for marketing, sales, public relations and customer service. With the help of Eye/Comm, you’ll reach new markets and expand your business through the power of Social Media Marketing.

The Why and How of Social Media Marketing

Consider these 4 useful points when integrating social media into marketing plans:

  • PROVIDE real-time information

  • THINK carefully about the audience, the message that will be conveyed, and the results expected.

  • CREATE a topical conversation about the brand, then “listen” to the responses.

  • ENGAGE the audience in an honest discussion about what they need and how the brand fulfills that need.

 Can My B2B Business Use Social Media?

Yes, through Social Media Strategy, Blog Setup & Management, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Integrated Campaigns, now you can control the conversation about your brand. This is because B2B has a smaller potential customer base, a higher average price point, and a customer decision funnel that is more influenced by word of mouth and reputation. With the help of Eye/Comm, you’ll reach new markets and expand your business through the power of social media marketing.

Learn 5 Tips for better Social Media Marketing!

 Social Media Marketing Facts

  • In general, Social Media Marketing referrals are awesome as 90% of Internet users know at least one social network. When people find a site from Facebook or Twitter, they tend to hang around for longer than the visitors who come from search engines.  Facebook users average 23 minutes and with Twitter it’s around 13 minutes. That extra time with the customer gives your website a few more seconds to sell your product or services.

  • Twitter is starting to catch on… there are currently 110 million users of Twitter’s services. Remember when people were scoffing at the thought of sending messages that were limited to 140 characters or less? In 2008, only 5% of the population had heard of Twitter (much less using Twitter for marketing)…now, it’s up to 87%.

  • The baby boomers are being taken over. For a while there, the fastest-growing demographic on Facebook was women over 55-years-old. Now, it’s the under 18 crowd. The important news for companies looking to get into marketing with Facebook is that there are more than 150 million people engaging with Facebook every month.

Don’t be afraid of social media as it can really help your business grow. Remember, it is OK to be funny and create a humanized brand for your company. But make sure to keep it in line with your corporate culture as well as you goals. Make sure you are testing and measuring to see what is working and what is not. If you have any questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email info@eyecomm.org. We are glad to help!