The prominence of social media in the lives of your customers and prospects, demands that your company take part in it. We get asked many times about how to use social media with marketing. Let’s start off with a few of the social media basics.

  1. What Social Media does: Social media allows your company to engage with prospects/customers on a personal level. Conversations and Q&A’s are less formal and can really help to humanize your brand. People like to do business with people, the more people oriented your company is, the better you will do in social media. It’s a real time conversation and needs to be monitored at all times.
  2. Social Media will not replace your current marketing: Social media should be used as an add-on to your current marketing not a  replacement. Social media is used as a way to show people who the company is, what you are doing and offers you have. These should be done in a casual way with fun facts, stories, images and other things that create and draw interest. This is not a hard in your face sell arena. That is the reason you need to keep up with your current marketing. Social media will draw people to your company, but your other channels will do the selling for you.
  3. Generate interest: Think of social media as an interest generator. You want to attract people to your company. To do that you need to share more than just your latest product or sale you need to show people how great your company and employees are. Share images of employees having fun at work and at events outside of work like helping out in the community. Let people see your funny side and share inside jokes or goofy things that happened that day. Provide tips and tricks to help them with problems or issues. Become the go to place to get their questions answered.
  4. Tie Together: Make sure that you tie in your marketing messages to your social media. You can use social media to promote awareness of a campaign with a watch out for, or did you know message. You can create a game of clues that lead toward the final answer embedded in your other marketing channels. Make it fun but keep alignment with the goals and message of your marketing campaign.

Don’t be afraid of social media as it can really help your business grow. Remember, it is OK to be funny and create a humanized brand for your company. But make sure to keep it in line with your corporate culture as well as your goals. Make sure you are testing and measuring to see what is working and what is not. The best part about social media is that you can quickly adapt and make changes when things are not working well.

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