Social media marketing in 2014 will continue to grow. There are some key factors to keep in mind as you increase your presence on various platforms. If you are just getting your feet wet this year, start small at first, then expand as you feel comfortable. For the rest of you that have been using social media marketing throughout 2013 and are looking ahead to what you should be doing for 2014, here are some areas to concentrate on:

  1. Expanding to more platforms: If you have been using only one or two platforms, really take a look at how you can branch out to others in order to increase your visibility. The more places you can be found the better influence you will have on your customers and prospects.
  2. Consistency: With all the platforms it is easy to lose brand identity. Be careful to remain brand consistent across all platforms. This does not mean that you post the same thing to all; it does mean that you need to articulate the different messaging in ways that benefit on each platform and do not deviate from your brand identity.
  3. Think people: The expectation of your audience is that you listen to each of them, respond to their questions/concerns and to be a real person. Your social media presence needs to humanize your brand. No one likes auto attendant when they make a phone call and no one likes social media that is on auto pilot and not responsive. Constant listening/monitoring is required to keep a healthy social media presence.
  4. Ways to engage: Think of social media as a way to truly engage with people. This year try using crowdsourcing to get involvement as well as good feedback. Obviously this is not for everyone, but if you have a new product, service or general question that can be used in crowdsourcing you can gather a lot of good information. Also, if applicable try adding mini games to your pages. These can be fun ways to engage followers and get them to share. Keep in mind that there are plenty of game creators out there, you do not need to spend an arm and a leg to add some fun!
  5. Cross pollinate: Use links to your other platforms when making posts. This provides an opportunity to your prospects and customers to engage with you on another platform. Make sure that your website and all other marketing materials such as direct mail, include links to your social media sites. The more ways you have for someone to reach you, the better the engagement will be.

As we start 2014, keep in mind that funny is a leader in sharing content. People love to laugh. Make sure you provide some content that will be more than informative. Be human, be funny, be creative and most of all continue to try new things! Listen to what people are saying about your content so that you can change things as needed and be relevant to them.

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