In today’s marketing environment, marketers are looking for good channel combinations. A great one is social media and direct mail. Since social media is such an engagement channel, combining it with direct mail drives a great response. Starting a conversation off with social media leaves the door open for direct mail to get the sale. So how do you link the two? Building anticipation through social media can help spread the word across social channels. Promote your direct mail piece on social media with a “keep a lookout for your postcard in your mail box” or highlighting some offers or coupons they will be getting. Of course use social links on your direct mail and also include them on the landing pages that people are directed to.

Social Media Benefits:

  • Create conversations and buzz about your offer.
  • Gather ideas from your audience on what they prefer, so that you can tailor your offers.
  • Follow up with your audience to gauge the effect of your campaign. This will give you information for future ones as well.

Direct Mail Benefits:

  • Interest was generated prior to the direct mail piece arriving, so that your recipients are on the lookout for it. (This piece will not be lost in the mail box with all the other ads.)
  • When you have the social information on your mailing you can generate more followers to your social sites.
  • Drive people back to social with ways to respond on the mail piece and increase the conversations.

If you can create a game or something fun and really engaging between the direct mail piece and social media you will have a real win on your hands. These don’t have to be crazy expensive game applications, just something simple and fun for people. Scavenger hunts have worked well, by having followers submit pictures of themselves at the locations. Even quick trivia games can be fun. Drive that engagement offline as well as online. Get creative and drive your responses through the roof.

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