Social media marketing these days is all over the map. I am sure you have seen many things on social media that you wish you had not seen or laughed at because it was done so badly. So how can you make sure that your social media posts do not fall into the two categories above? In the past marketing channels have all been push channels, you send out your marketing message and that is all. Now with social media marketing you are having conversations with people and creating two way communications. This is not a push channel.

  1. First, social media needs to be viewed as a way of getting attention by providing relevant information. This can be done with blog posts, white papers, videos or other forms of information that people can access through you. You become a resource for people and an expert in your field. You want your content to be viewed and shared with others. As time goes by you will build a bigger and bigger following. This will ultimately lead to more business, but it is not a quick process.
  2. Second, social media is a great place to get your customers to give testimonials about how great you are and why others should use you too. Give examples of past success and even current projects you are working on that are interesting. Give people something to talk with you about.

Social media will benefit your company because that is where your prospects and customers are. People trust brands and other people who communicate with them and show a history of good work. By taking part in social media you are able to direct the conversations about you, supply topics and monitor problems in real time. Whether you use social media or not, people are talking about you. Knowing what they are saying is valuable information.

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The most important thing to remember in social media marketing is to not sell sell sell. You are there to provide information and helpful tips, answer questions and communicate with people. Conversations and customer feedback are the most valuable aspects of social media. You can get real time feedback about a new product or service with social media. Find out what is great and what is not working so well. Then you can show everyone how you will make it better. People love to see that their feedback is being listened to and acted on. There are many instances in which a company makes a product or device change and gives credit to the customer who suggested it. This builds loyalty, trust and ultimately your business.

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