With all the inbox clutter these days, your email marketing really needs to find ways to stand out. One of the most important aspects of this is your subject line. Once you have mastered the subject line, then what do you do? Well, creating a design that drives response is an important component. Here are a few tips on design that will help you stand out.

Top 5 ways to stand out:

  1. Video: Use video to tell a story that enhances the users experience
  2. Design with no images: Most email programs automatically suppress images, so make sure that your design will be interesting without them.
  3. Create buttons: Instead of just linked text, buttons are easy to see and are more appealing.
  4. Include social media: Adding your social media links for them to follow is good, but also add share buttons so that they can easily pass on your message to friends.
  5. One CTA: Focus your message to one CTA per email. A clear concise email will drive better results.

Another key component to keep in mind is how your email will work on a mobile device. These days most people check their email on their mobile phone and you want to be sure your design is optimized for these users. Using responsive design can help you address this issue. Email marketing is a highly effective tool for building your brand, revenue, and more. We hope these tips help you to get your email marketing going!

Learn 15 Tips for betterĀ Email Marketing!

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