Ideally you want your message to get the recipient to buy from you. So what do you use in order to get them to respond? The most common marketing tactic is manipulation.  What is manipulation?

Manipulation is price, promotion, fear, peer pressure, aspirational, or innovation.  Here are
some of the ways to use each one.

  • Price: You can reduce your price to get people to buy
  • Promotion: use a 2 for one or provide something free
  • Fear: Scare people into action by showing repercussions if they don’t
  • Aspiration: Motivate people to do better, be better
  • Peer pressure: use words to convey that professionals use your product, or a million satisfied customers or a celebrity spokes person
  • Innovation: be the first to get the new shiny never been this great thing-a-ma-bob

Manipulation works, but at what cost?  One problem is it may work in the short term, but not the long term. Manipulation does not build loyalty to your products or services. It may get you a onetime sell, but is that what you are looking for? In some cases yes, however in most cases you are looking to build that loyalty of continuing business. You are looking for referrals and external champions.

So what type of messaging can you use to get responses and build that loyalty? Use inspiration. Thru inspiration you can build trust and brand loyalty. Focus on what your customer is looking for. Take a good look at your current methods and see how you can turn those messages into inspiration. For instance, let’s say you are doing a direct mail postcard; you are currently using fear in your message. Your current message for your anti-wrinkle cream is:  “Every day your skin ages. Stop the aging now!” Let’s turn that message into an inspirational one such as: “The better you look, the better you’ll feel, spread the joy!”

Relying on inspiration will help you grow your response rate and increase repeat customers. When your messaging and brand comes across as really understanding the customer, you garner their loyalty. Everyone responds to messages emotionally. They will feel more comfortable with your brand and continue to do business with you when they feel like they are a part of your brand. Do not let price rule you. People will pay more to do business with companies that are in sync with them. Not only that, but they will become outside champions for you and tell others to buy your products or services. Do not be afraid to try new messaging. As always, make sure to test and analyze the results. This will help you find the best  inspirational messaging for you.

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