Multi-Media messaging service (MMS) is similar to SMS (Short Message Service) otherwise referred to as texting or text messaging. The main difference is that images, video, sound and so on can be included with MMS texting. In many cases we are using MMS and not even realizing it, for instance, your bank allows you to send pictures of checks for deposit. That is using MMS. Let’s take a look at the benefits of MMS to your business. How using it as part of your marketing will help your ROI.

Benefits of MMS:

  1. Instantly get your message in front of your customer/prospect: These days we all have our phones with us wherever we go. If you need to get a message to someone quickly, this will do it.
  2. Messages are read: Unlike the majority of email, MMS messages are read. They stand out from other marketing as hip and millennials especially embrace it.
  3. Follow up: You can use MMS as a follow up touch point or reminder for your campaign. Use a running out of time message to provide a sense of urgency. This will speed up responses.

The best way to increase ROI is to give people easy ways to respond, MMS does that. Using MMS for part of your mobile marketing can be a great way to reach people. Everyone has their phone with them 24/7; don’t you want to reach people where they are? This is especially effective for a store. You have extra items on your shelf that day; create a message with a one day only deal of 45% off. Nonprofits are using MMS when campaigning for money; they send the request and an image that will compel you to respond. They are providing short codes for text to donate campaigns that are very effective. Reaching people in the moment and providing that quick response mechanism drives and increase in ROI.

Think of all the ways you could incorporate MMS into your marketing campaigns. Draw people into signing up for MMS by highlighting the benefits for them. Tell them what they will get from you and make sure that you are actually providing what they want. Sometimes you need to go outside your organization to get good feedback on what people want. You can take a poll on Facebook or use a Twitter hash tag to get instant feedback on your ideas.

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