How to Increase Mobile Marketing ROI

While other forms of marketing are created for a wider audience, mobile marketing feels to your customers and prospects more like a direct interaction between you. This presents a great opportunity for you to cultivate a strong relationship and build brand loyalty with them. Keep in mind that short messages, images, and videos typically work best. It can be a challenge to maintain and grow mobile ROI.

Direct Mail Marketing For Millennials

Marketers are really starting to look at how millennials respond to marketing. In a study conducted by DigitasLBi, Razorfish, Tumblr, and Yahoo, millennials will have a cumulative $1.4 trillion in spending power by 2020. Therefor marketers need to be paying attention to this group of people. Since they are known as digital natives many people have felt that direct mail was not a good way to reach them. However, this has shown itself to be untrue, millennials like getting mail.

Top 3 Email Marketing Tips for 2020

2020 is upon us and we need to make sure that our email marketing strategy is going to get us the results we need. Many times we are focused too much on the new bells we can add rather than the basic requirements being met to driver response.

Direct Mail with Neuromarketing

So what is Neuromarketing? It’s marketing that focuses on the brain. Since the brain makes all of our decisions, we should target our marketing there. Most current direct mail marketing is focused on upper brain function that involves reasoning, sometimes with emotion. This is the wrong approach. It involves too much thinking and is a turn off to many recipients. So let’s take a look at the brain and where we want to target our direct mail.

Social Media Marketing For 2020

Social media marketing is constantly changing in order to stay relevant and effective. What worked in 2019 is going to be less effective for 2020. With that in mind we need to create a plan to start off 2020 right. To do that there are 5 things we need to consider.