2022 Email Marketing Copywriting

One of the keys to effective email marketing is writing copy that your subscribers want to read. Email marketing copywriting is difficult and will take time. This will require you to segment your list for the best targeting. You can’t write good copy if you don’t know who you are targeting. You need to speak to their needs, which requires you to know what they are.

Direct Mail Fun With Folds

Creating direct mail fun with folds is a great way to grab attention and engage your customers and prospects. Over time your mail pieces can become boring and less effective because we end up using the same formats over and over again. Have you considered spicing up your next mailer? There are a lot of different things you can do some are more expensive than others. One way to change up your mailer without a ton of additional cost it to change the way you fold it. There are many fun folds you can try as self-mailers or in envelopes.

2022 Fulfillment Packaging Options

Fulfillment packaging options vary depending on your needs, but no matter what you need, the packaging you choose matters. How your package arrives at its destination matters. Your customers impression matter. Don’t use packaging that is going to get to your customer smashed or with the contents broken.

Boost Results of Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Make 2022 the year your direct mail results skyrocket! The powerful targeting of direct mail can help you punch through all the marketing noise people are exposed to each day. Boost Your Direct Mail Campaigns Results Now! There are ways to make an even greater impact with your campaigns by cross pollinating between channels.  Many marketers find this to be cumbersome and expensive, but what if there is a better way?