Direct mail can be a very powerful marketing tool. When executed correctly, you can see a great return on your investment. However, you need to know when direct mail works best.

Here are the best reasons to use direct mail:

  1. Generate Traffic – to a location, a website or event
  2. Generate sales leads – qualified and interested leads
  3. Counter a competitive offer – without them knowing about it
  4. Customer loyalty – give special offers
  5. Customer acquisition or referrals – provide a way for your message to be passed on
  6. Improve customer service – send a thank you note
  7. Cross sell or upsell – mention other things you offer that they may be interested in
  8. Announcements – Great way to get information out to people quickly
  9. Augmenting other media efforts – email, web, social media, mobile, QR codes and so much more…
  10. Improving sales efficiency – qualify people before you sell
  11. Catalog, custom publications or newsletters – ability to showcase new information or offers
  12. Combining mailings with other companies – value added or coupons
  13. Building brand awareness – the more they know your brand the more they buy

There are many more, but these are the most common.  Direct mail is more effective than ever. When used as part of a multi-media campaign direct mail can significantly enhance response. If you have any questions call us 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!