Direct Mail with Social in Mind

These days the key to your direct mail campaign is integration with social media. So how can you design your direct mail pieces to easily incorporate social media? ?We have some ideas for you.

Here are 4 easy ways to design a direct mail piece with social media in mind.

  • Include social media information for your recipients to connect with you

Take advantage of social media by letting your customers know that they can find you on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and on your blog by adding the buttons and contact information to your direct mail piece.

  • Personalize your direct mail with variable data printing

Variable data printing allows you to personalize each direct mail piece with text and images that are directly related to the recipient. This personal touch lets customers know you know them and care enough to make it personal. By using intelligent customer data, you can provide them with relevant products or services. By creating that 1to1 marketing you will beat a generic message every time. You can also incorporate their social media information for a true social connection.

  • Use PURLs as a way to drive the online connection

By using PURLs, you provide the recipient with a personalized landing page where they will be able to engage, interact and respond to your direct mail. This online connection allows you to provide the recipient with more information as well as your social media connection and sharing links. Another benefit is that you can track exactly who has responded to your piece as they do so and see what social media information they were clicking on.

  • Use QR Codes for a faster response

QR Codes on your direct mail piece give recipients the option to respond to your direct mail piece using their cell phone, no matter where they are. Since they don’t need to memorize a URL or punch in a long URL code into their browser to access more information or respond to your offer, it makes is so much easier for them to respond. All they need to do is snap a quick photo with their phones. This allows for a quicker response and still drives them online to your content and social connections.

By integrating social media into your direct mail, you can give your pieces a boost. ?Give your recipients the chance to interact with you on many levels. The more options they have the better your response rate is going to be.

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