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San Diego Direct Mail Marketing

Many times marketers are looking at mobile marketing as a silo on its own. But really they should be looking at direct mail and mobile marketing as interdependent on each other. Mobile leverages the digital marketing world, while direct mail leverages the print world. When they are used together, they create a powerful marketing piece. Many times we get asked, how can mobile be added to direct mail in an effective way. Truly it is all about the data. Direct mail relies on data and so does mobile. In order to be effective together we must use data to send the right information to the right people. It also allows you to collect more data from people when they hit your landing pages.

As marketing becomes increasingly more digital, direct mail really stands out. The novelty of it is attractive to consumers, yes even millennials! Don’t let the dinosaur moniker fool you, direct mail is hip and cool. Using direct mail to lure recipients to visit a PURL, use NFC, AR or scan a QR code is an excellent way to create lists of truly engaged customers. You can even include short codes so that they can text you as a way of response. The integration of direct mail campaigns with mobile marketing is easier than ever.


Use the combination of direct mail and mobile to stand out in the mail box. Through creative design and truly good online content you can grab attention as well as drive engagement. Keep in mind that your offer needs to be appealing to each recipient. You can personalize a whole lot more than just the address. Therefore create messaging that is personal. Use your knowledge of each person in a variable data format to increase your response.

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