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San Diego Direct Mail

The more information you have on your customers and prospects the better you can target your message to them. We run into many cases where companies do not have much information about their customers and prospects. So, if you have that problem, what can you do to gather more information? One way would be to ask them to fill out a survey. This can work but you usually don’t get as many people to fill it out as you would like. So another option is to you data enhancement tools.

Data List Enhancement:

List Profiling helps you shape your ideal customers and find prospects with similar characteristics. Data analysis and list segmentation will provide you with valuable insights into consumer behaviors, which will allow you to target your message to match their needs and interests. This increases the chances that they will act on your offer. Here is what data enhancement can help you do:

  1. Profile the unique characteristics of your best and most profitable customers to find more just like them. Learn their likes, dislikes, education level and so much more.
  2. Target your selling messages to the right audience at the right time. This will allow you to spend less.
  3. Increase your marketing penetration by opening new channels to reach your customers and prospects by using the methods they prefer. This is especially important now days with so many channel choices. Is direct mail in conjunction with mobile the right choice? Find out.
  4. Boost response rates through more specific, personalized offers (as opposed to generic, one-size-fits-all promotions). When you send an offer that is specific to the person your response rate can’t help but go up.
  5. Build loyalty programs that increase lifetime value. When you can provide relevant offers to people in a timely manner, you gain respect and loyalty.
  6. Improve your database marketing with more profitable prospecting, through modeling and forecasting. Finding the correct prospects quickly will allow you to move forward with your marketing campaigns and get the responses coming in.
  7. Dramatically improve your ROI, the more responses you get directly affect your return on investment. Since these are better qualified leads you should also make more money per lead.
  8. Improve multimedia marketing by applying profiles to hit the target across all media. This allows you to create multiple channel campaigns while still targeting them where they want to see the messages.

Finding well qualified prospects is very difficult. With list profiling you can pick people who are just like your best customers. It makes the prospecting effort so much easier. For the most part the profiling is limited to the United States, so if the majority of your customers are foreign this is not going to work for you. Knowing who your customers are and what prospects you should target gives you a big advantage. You can spend less money on your marketing because you can target it better and at the same time make more money because you are sending to the right people.


If you would like to try data enhancement or have questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!

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