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San Diego Direct Mail

When recipients don’t want it, your mail is referred to as junk mail. In order to create direct mail that recipients want to receive, you need to know them well. The power of direct mail is the ability to reach the right person with the right offer to drive their response. Your choice of fonts, colors, images, layout and text all affect how well your direct mail is received. A tailored piece that includes some personal details or information of specific interest will make your customers feel valued and is more likely to grab their attention.

So let’s look at what recipients like about direct mail:

  • Its delivered to their home through no effort on their part

  • It can be fun (get creative and think outside of the box)

  • A way to save money (people like a good deal)

  • It’s informative (people are curious)

  • It’s easily kept for future reference or use (use a magnet, they can then post on the fridge)

Now, let’s look at some direct mail statistics you should know: (as reported in From Letterbox to Inbox 2013)

  • 79 percent of consumers say that they act on direct mail immediately

  • 56 percent of consumers stated that they found printed marketing to be the “most trustworthy” of all media channels.

So what do people do after they get a direct mail piece? (Consumer study reveals ‘direct mail matters’ in connected world, July 11, 2013)

  • 44 percent visit a brands’ website

  • 34 percent search online for more information about the product

  • 26 percent keep the mailing for future reference

Keeping all of this in mind, ask yourself the following questions about your direct mail:

  • How can you change the way you send direct mail?

  • Are you focused on the consumer and what is in it for them?

  • Do you have a clear call to action and the benefits they get by responding?

  • Do you have landing pages designed with them in mind?

  • Are you using responsive design so that they can view your website and landing pages on mobile devices?

  • Get people from outside your organization to critique for you. You will be surprised with what you can learn.

We also need to consider the mail piece design. In direct mail you must first get the recipients attention. Sometimes the best ideas in direct mail design have already been used. The first thing you can do is look at the mail that comes to your home or business. Are there examples that stand out to you? There is no shame in taking a direct mail piece that you received and making it your own. Of course, sometimes the opposite is true and you get inspired by a really horrible piece.


The only way that direct mail will continue to work is if we as marketers send direct mail to consumers that is designed well, has a clear call to action and is targeted to the right people. This keeps recipients happy and increases your response rates.

If you have any questions call us in San Diego at 619-448-6111 or email We are glad to help!

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