Email marketing can be a real challenge.

You need to grab attention and get people not only to open your email but to respond to it as well. With all email services making it harder to stay out of a spam folder, it is vital to adhere to email best practices.

Here are 12 tips for creating your email campaigns:

  1. Subject line needs to be effective: Focus on why the person should open it. What’s in it for them? Make sure your subject line is relevant and avoid words such as Sale, Free, Limited Time, etc…
  2. When asking somebody to opt-in: use a secondary page to capture their information and offer them other products or services.
  3. Opt-in page: On this page, ask 3-5 questions of information you need to know, no more. Also, provide other offers they may be interested in.
  4. Opt-in link: Should have words like LEARN MORE, MORE INFO HERE, etc…
  5. Sell them: Provide a good incentive for them to opt in
  6. Ask for permission: You want them to trust your emails. Most people have 3 email addresses so you want their primary one.
  7. Discount: 95% of people opt in for some sort of discount
  8. Design: Only 20% of email should have content / copy – we want them to engage. Provide links to opt-in pages, coupons, special offers and so on. Use graphics to emphasize your point.
  9. Welcome email: Ideally this is an automatic process within 5 minutes of signing up
  10. Schedule: Don’t bombard them with emails. Plan out your campaign and only send them information that is relevant to what they signed up for.
  11. Mobile optimized: Make sure the email is mobile optimized as 70% of people will delete it if it’s not.
  12. Header: Include a clickable pre-header on all emails in the event they are viewing on PC (VIEW: Mobile / Online)


One of the fastest ways to get blacklisted is by emailing to a purchased email list. Do not fall into that trap. Only email to people you have had contact with such as prospects and current customers. You need to grow your list organically.