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You know how many people are visiting your lead generation website, but do you know why they’re there? If you’re not including lead validation as part of your lead generation strategies, you may not be focusing your precious resources in the right places.

Here at Straight North, we sifted through more than 350,000 inquiries, and subjected them to our lead validation process. What we found was that about half of these inquiries weren’t sales leads at all. Many of them were customer service requests, job applications, incomplete form submissions and other interactions that weren’t leads.

The following presentation breaks down our findings and makes a case for lead validation as a crucial element of any Internet marketing campaign. Have a look at what we discovered, and consider whether or not your campaign knows the “why” behind your website traffic as well as the “who.”

Aaron Wittersheim is Chief Operating Officer at Internet marketing agency Straight North. His focus is on Internet marketing and website services, and technology.

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