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Achieve true 1- to-1 personalized marketing with Eye/Comm Variable Digital Printing

To achieve your marketing goals, you need to make sure that your offer really appeals to the person who receives it.  People respond when you talk directly to them on a personal level.  Work with Eye/Comm to add intelligence to your data so you can tailor your offers to appeal to each individual you are mailing to.



Variable data printing significantly boosts ROI by delivering response rates 7-times greater than conventional direct mail.

Variable black and white laser printing gives you low-cost options for personalized letters, coupons, forms, and reply devices.

With Variable Digital Printing, you “vary” each printed mail piece to show different graphics, copy, offers and/or photos specifically designed to appeal to each individual recipient.  It can be as simple as a personalized letter or as complex as a full-color brochure.

Online Print Management gives you better Budget and Inventory Control

With Eye/Comm’s Print on Demand capabilities you can reduce waste from outdated collateral and save significantly on your print budget. You will gain greater flexibility to customize versions for individual applications and campaigns, as well as personalize images, copy and graphics for higher impact.

Increase control and reduce costs by tracking inventory, accessing usage data and re-ordering on -demand through the Eye/Commerce Fulfillment Solution™.

Learn 5 Things a Good Fulfillment Center Must Provide

You will be able to forecast costs and revenues, and  determine budgets.  You will also be able to have better visibility into your sales funnel with customized CRM reports.

Turn-key Print Management Solutions Save You Time and Money

Heavy workloads and tight timeframes may call for the need for someone to step in and provide total print management services. You can count on Eye/Comm to plan, coordinate, and assure on-time and on-budget delivery for your complete printing projects.  Rather than negotiate with multiple vendors, take full advantage of the low prices and quick turn-around times available from Eye/Comm’s internal resources and their long-standing industry contacts and partnering arrangements.