In Today’s World Fulfillment Is The Key To Customer Satisfaction!

 Getting your products or literature to your customers in a timely fashion and in good condition is a must! Let Eye/Comm help you fulfill your orders and keep customers happy. Our fully trained staff can process and ship your orders out efficiently to save you time and money! 



We’ll Keep Your Fulfillment Promises

Promises once made, must be kept.  Your reputation and future business depends on it.  And no one “fulfills” promises more expertly than Eye/Comm. 

Literature fulfillment is a key aspect of your organization. You need to get your sales collateral out to your sales channels, to tradeshows and events when they need it.  We know how important it is that you get your online orders to your customers when promised.  Acting as an extension of your company, our fully trained staff provides picking, packing and shipping services that will deliver the correct products and marketing materials to your customers precisely when they expect it.  We use formats, production processes and distribution methods that would be too difficult or expensive for most companies to supply on their own.

Get secure, accurate and fast fulfillment of your orders

Eye/Comm provides complete literature, product and point of sale fulfillment services, including web-based order placement, packaging and shipping worldwide. We have state of the art facilities, experienced personnel, high-tech systems and equipment, and proven procedures in place to process your orders with speed, accuracy, and efficiency – in a way that makes your customer impressed with you.  Our experienced hand-working staff will complete accurate, professional packaging and shipping for all of your online orders.

Reduce the quantity of print material you produce and store with Print on Demand Services

Eye/Comm’s high quality full color Print On Demand capabilities allow you to reduce print expenditures and maintain a “Just In Time” inventory.  Print only the number of pieces you need now, reducing waste from outdated versions.  Customize collateral for individual applications and personalize copy, images and graphics for higher impact.

Free up space at your own facility

Our large, secure, and organized warehouse supports a large array of fulfillment projects from literature, displays and products. Come see your materials anytime you need to.

Eye/Comm is the most trusted name for packaging and fulfillment of highly personalized documents and information packages

Our quality control is second to none in insuring consistent matching of multiple personalized pieces containing sensitive information. You can count on our accuracy in preparing Benefits Communication Packages, Retirement Plan Communications, Employment and HR Communications, Statements and Acquisition Mailings.

We Guarantee:

  • Accuracy of inventory.
  • On-line, real-time inventory.
  • Secure system of firewalls.
  • On-line ordering, reporting, and tracking.
  • Orders can be received by web, email, fax, or phone.
  • Accommodate requested shipment and delivery date priorities.
  • Order tracking will include confirmation, shipment mode, shipping cost, and carrier tracking details.
  • Ability to designate varying levels of access by managers and administrators to information on orders, usage, shipping, tracking and inventory.
  • Back-orders with tracking mechanisms at order point.
  • Ability to use multiple carriers for Domestic and International shipping.
  • Rush shipment handling.
  • A dedicated support team and customer service contact.