Direct Marketing has many components that by themselves, can deliver significant benefits to any business or organization. But if properly integrated, Direct Mail Services, Print, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Social Media Marketing can complement one another to drive even better results. The right partner not only helps you with each component, but also has the knowledge and experience to effectively integrate them into a solution that delivers the results you need. EyeComm is that partner to help you…

  • Increase Direct Mail Success with proven printing and mailing systems
  • AImprove ROI with targeted mailing lists and data management solutions
  • Improve Offline Campaign Performance with email marketing
  • Get Your Message to the Right People in the Right Places with social media
  • Reduce OpEx and Increase Efficiency with secure fulfilment services

Increase Direct Mail Success with Proven Printing and Mailing Systems

When you need more than simple addressing from your mail house, look to sophisticated mailing and print management services that have been proven and enhanced over the last 20+ years.  Whether it’s lowering postal costs, increasing response rates or tightening production schedules , you will receive direct mail printing and mailing service that uses flexible leading-edge production solutions to help meet all of your project objectives.

Improve ROI with Targeted Mailing Lists and Data Management Solutions

Reduce undeliverable mail and find your ideal target audiences with Eye/Comm’s sophisticated list targeting and profiling capabilities.  Keep your lists up to date and secure with our advanced list and data management services.  Track, measure and analyze every aspect of your direct marketing program from start-to-finish with Eye/Comm’s 1-to-1 Data Management Solutions.

Improve Offline Campaign Performance with Email Marketing

Reinforce your direct mail and print advertising messages and remind your audiences to take the actions you want them to, when you want them to. Create and send stylish, but more importantly, effective emails that customers will open and will motivate them to respond now.  Email Marketing is also very effective in expanding and managing your target lists.

Get Your Message to All the Right People in All the Right Places with Social Media Marketing Services

Reach your targeted audiences where they live and where they spend their – at home, on line and on their mobile phones and tablets. Enhance your brand and the effectiveness of your direct mail and print advertising campaigns through email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mobile Marketing and Blogs. But don’t stop there, improve lead capture with effective landing page design, then convert leads to sales with email lead nurturing programs.

Reduce Operating Expenses and Increase Efficiency with Secure Fulfilment Services

Free-up your warehouse space and personnel while still fulfilling your eCommerce sales orders and supporting your sales team with the collateral they need to close deals. Use Eye/Comm’s warehouse, printing resources and web-based Fulfillment and Management System to cost-effectively print collateral on-demand and ensure on-time delivery of your eCommerce shipments.  The system also gives you management visibility and control via 24/7 access to inventory and shipment information.  In addition, rest assured that your sensitive information is protected by the processes and technology of the Eye/Comm Secure Fulfillment System. Partner with Eye/Comm to get the best performance and ROI from your integrated marketing programs that require direct mail, printing, literature and product fulfillment, email marketing, mobile marketing and social marketing services. Call us today at 619-448-6111 or email info@eyecomm.org. We are glad to help!