We help you create and send great-looking campaigns, manage your email lists, and track response.

Manage your audience lists.
You can easily organize your recipients into groups, or use our advanced search-and-segment feature to find (and send to) people based on their interests, their geography, their past response and more. Your customizable sign up screens let new people sign up from any spot on your website, and your customizable database lets you collect and store as much information as you like.

Create and send stylish email campaigns.
Create stylish email campaigns using our intuitive click-and-build screens, upload your finished html campaigns, or have us create your email for you. Either way, we’ll help you prepare and preview your campaigns, proof them for problematic content, and send quickly and accurately every time. And your past campaigns are stored for easy access and linking later.

Utilize industry best practices.
Whether it’s following the rules of permission marketing, handling opt-out requests quickly, interpreting bounces or making sure you’re sending a well constructed email every time, our service can help make sure you’re on board with the latest industry trends and best practices that will increase your delivery rates and improve your results.

Deliver with success every time.
Our world-class delivery network ensures high delivery rates through our personalized send-off, ISP relationships, and delivery policies that can be fine-tuned down to the individual mailing if necessary. Our engine handles every aspect of delivery for you, and our industry know-how helps ensure the highest delivery rates possible, every time.

Track your results in real-time.
You’ll see who opened your campaign, clicked on every link, forwarded your campaign to friends or signed up to get your future emails. You’ll find out who bounced (definitely didn’t get your email) and be able to follow up with them. This is just part of our real-time response tracking that lets you know just about everything that happens to your campaign, as it happens. And because we store your results over time, you’ll be able to learn from past efforts to make your future emails enjoy even greater success.

What makes our Email Marketing Service Unique?

While it’s difficult to accurately compare every feature and capability across the email marketing spectrum, we can tell you a few reasons why our service stands out from the crowd. Here are five:

The interface.
Our intuitive interface makes even the most sophisticated email marketing features easy for anyone to use, saving you time and effort and allowing you to let non-technical staff members help you manage your lists, content and account.

The relationship.
Whether you’re just getting started or you have a question about a campaign or its results along the way, we stay involved to make sure you’re getting the most out of your email marketing account.

The custom designs
Whether you’re utilizing our professional design services or creating your own campaigns in-house, we’ll help you create and send great-looking campaigns every time. No pre-fabricated templates here, just professional designs created just for you.

The flexibility.
From sign up screens and database fields to campaign templates and content, there’s little about our service that can’t be customized to suit your particular projects and process. All you have to do is ask and there’s a good chance we’ll say yes.

The price.
Our startup and activity prices tend to be lower than that of most comparable services out there, particularly when you factor in our custom designs, extensive features and customer support.

The Features of Email Marketing by Eye/Comm

Our email marketing service contains a full set of features designed to help you manage every aspect of your customer, member, and fan email outreach. A quick overview of some of our noteworthy features:

Our audience features help you import, store, manage and grow your permission lists. You’ll be able to:

  • Create unlimited audience groups for organization and targeting
  • Search and segment your audience based on demographics, response data and more
  • Customize your database using standard fields and advanced search
  • Create personalized sign up screens and confirmation emails to help grow your list
  • Import large lists easily and automatically clean them for duplicates and errors
  • Easily move members and reorganize audience groups as you go
  • Export your audience lists and data at any time

Our campaign features help you create stylish email campaigns and send them using our sophisticated delivery network. You’ll be able to:

  • Create stylish html campaigns without using html, or upload your own freestyle campaigns
  • Personalize your emails with first names or other information
  • Prepare both html and text versions and deliver the right one automatically
  • Rate your campaign for problematic content before you send
  • Include our send-to-a-friend feature with every email
  • Control your own “from” names and addresses
  • Let recipients manage their preferences at any time
  • Send your campaigns at any time, or schedule a future delivery

Our response section gives you easy access to your results in real time. You’ll be able to:

  • See real-time totals for emails received, opened, clicked, forwarded, signed up and more
  • View details for who did what and when
  • View response details for entire campaigns and for individual recipients
  • Have bounces and opt-out requests handled for you automatically
  • Store your past campaigns and results in your online archive and easily link to past campaigns from your website
  • Create instant, side-by-side comparison of multiple campaigns and their results
  • Get assistance on delivery-related matters whenever you need it

Benefits of Email Marketing by Eye/Comm

You have all the features you need to easily create and send stylish email campaigns and accurately track results. Plus you have the option of using our full-service program where we create and send for you or you can create your own campaigns. Either way you’ll benefit:

Email marketing is effective

  • High ROI – $45 per every $1 spent (according to a recent DMA survey)
  • Customers like it – 3 out of 4 customers choose email as their preferred way of receiving communication from businesses (according to a recent DMA survey)
  • It’s conversational
  • Good branding
  • Response tracking

Why use Eye/Comm?

  • Your IT department can focus on their core business
  • The reputation of the sender with ISPs to insure delivery
  • List management – manage bounces, opt outs, etc.
  • Track data – opens, clicks, etc.
  • Custom designs
  • Relationship
  • Simplicity
  • Full service
  • Unlimited list segmentation
  • Opt outs are automatically deleted
  • Price
  • Direct Mail
  • Printing
  • List and Data Management
  • Integrated Marketing Programs
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Fulfillment Services