We absolutely love our customers and they feel the same way about us! According to an independent industry survey of 23 important issues we rank between 8.8 and 9.5 on average for all 23. The highest score is 10. We are now working to make them all a 10!


Here are just a few of our customers and what they have to say about us

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Years ago, we used Eye/Comm and then stopped doing all mailings. Business objectives dictated that we do mailings again, and we contacted Eye/Comm again. We received good and prompt advice along with friendliness as a good customer even though it had been many years since the last time we used them. We have now used their services for mailings and email several times recently, and are very pleased with the way that they have shown concern for our projects and the promptness of their work for us.

Barry Levine CEO

Sperry West INC.

We have been working closely with Eye/Comm for the past fifteen years — four to five mailings a month. Their professional and personalized service makes it possible for us to meet crucial deadlines and provide speedy service to our members. We’re exceptionally satisfied with Eye/Comm’s services and quality of work.

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

We’ve always been very pleased working with Eye/Comm and really appreciate everyone we work with! We have established a multi-year relationship and we couldn’t be happier!

Katherine Lapinsky

San Diego Zoo

You do great work and your customer service is fabulous

Trisha Gooch

San Diego Food Bank

Eye/Comm is very crucial to our business. Our clients often submit changes at the last minute and Summer and team are always willing to adapt and swiftly assist with our needs.


Wilson Willis Towers Watson

Devon has helped us with several really tough pieces. Someone always answers the phone whereas competitors frequently require me to leave a message or leave me on voice mail.

Rick Annino

Mance Creative

The Foundation has been working with Eye/Comm for 9 years. The Eye/Comm team is professional and efficient and a pleasure to work with. We are pleased that our jobs are completed accurately and on time.

The Grossmont Hospital Foundation

This company is the best. Summer willingly goes the extra mile. A pleasure doing business.

Ed Simpson

Edwin Paul Simpson III CPA

Summer and Eye/Comm are the best – I have a fickle boss and there are always problems associated with my mailings, but they are so great when I make last minute changes!

Carol Scimone

University of San Diego School of Nursing