Email marketing helps to strengthen your relationships with your customers, build your brand awareness and give you another touch point. Email marketing CAN work for you. Here are a few important tips to make your email marketing successful. As long as you are paying attention to these tips and following your analytics you should have great results.


  1. List: Your list is very important. First of all make sure that the people in your list have given you permission to email them and always include a way for them to opt out when you send them email. Do not purchase a list of email addresses. Your response rate will be low and you can be labeled a spammer.

  2. Design: Keep your email design simple. One or two images are ok, but do not use flash. Save the special design elements for the landing pages after they click on the emails. You want to have a clean fresh email that displays well in the top email programs. Be sure to test on each of them to spot potential problems. Remember to design with mobile in mind. The majority of emails these days are read on mobile devices.

  3. Message: Personalize you message as much as you can by including the name and any other information that is important. Send only relevant emails to each recipient. You can segment your messaging so that not everyone gets the same message. The better you can tailor your message to the recipient the better your results are going to be. One thing that is often overlooked in messaging is the subject line. The subject line is the most important part; you have just a few seconds to get someone to open your email.

Email marketing can be very successful when done correctly. In addition to the 3 tips above, make sure to use a sender name that is recognized. If you do so your open rates will improve. It is always a good idea to provide ways for recipients to share your information including social media sharing buttons, not just forwarding the email. Most important is to analyze your results. You can decide what is working and what needs fixing pretty quickly.

Learn 15 Tips for better Email Marketing!

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