There is a lot of information out there about social media marketing, and how your business needs to use it. Many of these articles are focused on the wrong thing. The value in social media is the ability to gain valuable information by communicating directly with your customers and prospects. Yes, the “viral” aspect of social media is a good benefit and can dramatically help your marketing, however, the information you gain with direct contact and honest feedback will not only benefit your marketing but your whole company.

When you approach social media this way, your whole marketing plan should change focus. Here are 3 tips to engage people with your social media marketing.

  1. Customer Service: Yes, customer service is marketing in social media. This is the most viewable form of your customer service. Everyone can see how you handle difficult situations. It is very important to have a CSR plan in place so that your responses are quick and correct. People will be watching you and making judgments on how you handle issues. Make sure they are saying good things about you.
  2. Focus Groups:  You can create instant focus groups with your social media. If you need feedback quickly on a new product or service, reach out to your social networks and find out what they like and dislike about it. The speed of this information will allow you to quickly make changes or modifications as needed and makes people feel like they are contributing to your company so their voice is valuable to you.
  3. Fun: Successful social media marketing contains an aspect of fun. By doing that, the content becomes more engaging and therefore more popular. It does not have to be games or quizzes. Funny material can generate a lot of interest. Of course, you need to keep it clean and in line with you brand. Having some light hearted posts can go a long way towards building your brand image as more human.

When you take the time to actively gather information from your social networks, you will learn valuable insights into how people see your company, what they are looking for and how you can help them. This translates into great data for you to use when you are creating your marketing campaigns. The data provides you with more targeted information, which you can use in other types of channels to improve your marketing. The better you are able to target your audience, the better response you are going to get.

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