Email marketing is a great follow up and client retention marketing channel. With CANSPAM in the US and the new Canadian laws, sending email to people who you don’t know can really cost you money. Most marketers are savvy enough with their email marketing these days to stay away from that pitfall, but are you keeping up with inbox filters? Are your messages getting through in order to be read? This can be a real problem. We have put together a check list to make it easier for you to create email that gets through the filters and gets read.

Get into the Inbox:

  1. Create a good email list: This means removing people that have not opened your emails, gathering new names from opt-in sign-ups only. It’s better to have a smaller list of good people who want and respond to your messages than a bunch of people that may mark you as spam.
  2. Add to contact list: Ask your subscribers to add you to their address book or contact list. This gives you a white list status with them and assures you that your email will arrive in their inbox.
  3. Create an easy unsubscribe: A large prominent unsubscribe button will help keep your list current and keep people from just pushing the spam button to get rid of your email. The more spam complaints you get, the worse your ranking gets and that means your emails will not get delivered.
  4. Keep your subject line short: Be concise, compelling and brief in your subject line, use at least 6 words. A long subject line will be seen as spam.
  5. Create wanted emails: Do not send too many emails and make sure that the content is relevant to the recipient. You can segment your list to make sure that you send the right offers to the right people. This will keep recipients engaged with your emails and not marking them as spam.

End up in Junk:

  1. Purchasing email lists: this is the fastest way to get blacklisted and have all your email seen as spam. Don’t do it!
  2. Using special characters or all caps in the subject line: This is commonly seen as spam when the subject line contains special  characters like *^ or so on. The shouty capitals are routinely seen as spam. Regular text easily able to convey your message, no need to shout.
  3. Using red fonts: Do not use the color red. This is another way to be seen as spam. Pick other colors such as orange to draw attention without being seen as spam.
  4. Spam wording: Keep spam words out of your subject line as well as your body copy. Free is not a good word to use. Spend some time to create a well written email and then test it with a free analyzer on the web to make sure you are not going to be flagged as spam.
  5. Too many images: Keep your image use to a minimum and do not use one big image for your whole email. These can be classified as spam. Combing copy and images will give you a better result.

Too many times we are too busy to take the time to write a really good email. We think that as long as we get it out there quickly we will get the responses we want. In reality, we are doing damage to our email reputation. Taking the extra time to write and design a compelling email will not only provide you with better responses, but will keep you in the inbox instead of the junk folder.

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