Are you having troubles with your email marketing lately? Sometimes the best way to improve your email marketing is to take a step back and get a real feel for what you are sending out. Here are some tips and tricks that have worked for others. Why not give them a try.

  1. Design your emails to be scanned not read. Use images, large headers so that people can quickly see what you have sent them.

  2. Use the Pre-header text to draw people into your email. This is the information that shows after the subject line.

  3. Design for your emails to be read on mobile devices. This means larger call to action buttons, to the point messaging and testing your layout on Android and iPhone models.

  4. Mix up your design and add a video to your email. Just remember to keep the video in line with the focus of the email and have it be interesting to the recipient.

  5. Decide on a goal before you design the email. Designing with the goal in mind will focus you to what is really important.

  6. Have you added social sharing buttons to your emails? Make sure that you do so that they can be shared with others to increase your response rate.

Remember to check your campaign beyond the preview screen. Your emails will look differently between each of the major email programs, so test them all. Be sure to check the links from each of the inboxes. Having someone outside your organization check your email’s content and formatting will help you to spot typos and formatting issues. One last thing to consider is a split test of different copy for your subject lines. It’s one way to see which subject line is the most powerful.

Learn 15 Tips for better Email Marketing!


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