In direct mail the most important thing is the list. Making sure you are sending your message to the right people is key to getting a good response. With that being the case, how can you find a mail list that will work best for you? To target your list you need to know who your customers are, what your message is going to be, and who best fits with your message and your customers. This can be a challenge, the more you know, the better your targeted list is going to be. Here are some list options.

Types of mail lists:

  1. Client/Prospect list: This list is your most valuable list. Make sure to include them in your mailings. When targeting you may need to leave some people out, but always include the ones that qualify for the targeted group.
  2. Purchase list for Businesses: You can select businesses by industry, decision makers, employee size, sales volume, and other attributes.
  3. Purchase list for Consumers: You can select consumers based on demographic, lifestyle, psychographic, and transactional information.
  4. Purchase list of Specialties: Go beyond traditional business and consumer lists, with highly-focused niches such as ailments, life event triggers, new homeowners, state licensed professionals, and many more.
  5. Data Enhancement: When you are not sure of who your customers really are, but you want to find more people like them, there is a process of overlaying your client/prospect list with demographic, consumer behavior, and geographic data. Which you can then take and find lists of people who are just like them.

There are also resident lists but they do not provide much in the way of targeting other than location. These can work well for businesses that are reaching out to consumers in their local area only. However, the more targeted you can get your mail list the better it will perform. There are a lot of choices in lists and how specific you want to get. Generally the more specific you get the more it costs to purchase the list. Each segment is an added cost, but when you choose them carefully, they can more than pay for themselves.

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