Over the years we have seen a lot of direct mail, from bad to worse. When we get asked what the number one direct mail marketing mistake is, we have had the same answer every time. There can be a wide variety of mistakes that not only give you a low response rate but can cost you a lot of money. Rather than highlight a bunch of different issues and provide a short solution, we are going to go in depth on the number one issue we see over and over again.

Mistake: Creating a direct mail piece that does not have a clear message.

Without a clear message, your direct mail is just junk. You can avoid this mistake by creating your direct mail messaging with the recipient in mind.

What to do:

  • Focus on what benefits the recipient. Why they have to have what you are offering and how they can easily get it from you.

  • Don’t tell them how great and shiny it is, tell them that they will never experience anything else like it and with real relevant examples.

  • Use bullet points to highlight key takeaways. Do not get too wordy.

  • Don’t try to sell them everything you offer, focus on one thing per mailing.

  • Use testimonials from happy customers.

  • Find images that help you convey your message, but do not over take your mailing.

  • Create a simple call to action and state exactly what you want them to do to respond to your offer.

  • Provide multiple ways to respond such as by phone, email, website, PURL, QR code and so on.

If you have a clear and focused message sent to the correct targeted group of people, your direct mail will be successful. Direct mail can be a very powerful marketing tool when used correctly. Be creative, buy focused and your next direct mail campaign will benefit from it.

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