Email marketing can be a great channel to drive response; however, if you have the wrong list or a bad list, you just threw your money away. Unlike direct mail, email marketing lists are hard to gather, keep current and increase. Here are a few tips to keep your email lists current and gather more.

  1. Do not buy a list: You will shoot yourself in the foot if you buy an email address list. This is the quickest way to get labeled as a spammer. Once you are blacklisted, it is very hard to get corrected.
  2. Use landing pages to gather email addresses: You can gather email addresses by using your marketing channels such as direct mail and social media, to drive recipients to landing pages, where they provide an email address in order to get something of value such as a white paper.
  3. Maintain your optout list: You must keep your opt-out list current. If you use multiple email platforms it is vital to cross pollinate your opt-outs so that you are not in violation of CANSPAM. Once a person opts out of email communication from you, they are not to be contacted again via email. You can send them direct mail to get them to opt back in, but just changing the type of email you are sending does not count.

The best way to keep a good email list is to generate it on your own, through opt-in responses. You can use an append service to add email addresses to your direct mail or customer data files, but this is not the best way to grow your list. The opt-in lists are much more productive. You can also partner with another company and do some co-email marketing that can add to your email list as responses come in. Many people are lured in by the email list sellers, do not fall for it!

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