As we look ahead to 2015 and start mapping out our marketing plans, we need to take a long hard look at mobile. The trends over the past few years have shown rapid year over year growth in mobile device use, as tablets and smart phones have taken over laptop and PC use. This means that every aspect of our marketing needs to include a mobile component. This can seem like a costly concept, but in practice you can integrate mobile very cost effectively.

  1. Website:  Create your website with responsive design so that no matter what device size prospects and customers are using your website is not only functional but easy to navigate.

  2. Signage: Incorporate mobile into your signage with QR Codes or NFC (Near Field Communication). Make sure to spell out why they should scan, are they getting coupons, free music or what? Keep in mind that the offer should be useful and stay with the theme of the signage.

  3. Digital Ads: Whether you are using Google Ad words or Banner ads, you need to design them to be mobile friendly. Make sure that the content they link to looks ok on mobile devices and is easy to use.

  4. Email: More people check email on their cell phones now than on PC’s. When you design your marketing emails, make sure that you are using responsive design. You will need to preview the emails in multiple platforms on multiple devices in order to be sure that the end result is satisfactory for all.

  5. Social Media: This one is pretty obvious. Most people use social media on their phones, however, keep in mind that the links you are posting on your social accounts need to be mobile ready. Provide easy ways for interaction with your followers so that they can intern share that information with others. Remember to offer things that people will be interested in and are in line with your branding.

  6. Direct mail: I saved this one for last since you can create powerful direct mail to drive online engagement. Making sure that you are offering ways for people to respond to you on their mobile devices is key. Yes, QR codes are useful and so is NFC, but don’t forget about Augmented Reality (AR). This can add a creative flare and a fun way to engage recipients. When using AR, it is important to provide instructions on how to download the app as well as how to use it. Stress that it may take a minute for the content to scan and load. Provide a clear benefit for trying AR and highlight that more than once.

Starting off your 2015 marketing plan by adding mobile to your existing channels will be the most cost effective way to implement it. Once you have enhanced all the channels above with mobile, then it is time to think about mobile messaging, not before. Your marketing should create a great experience for the user no matter how they are accessing your content. Go out and create it!

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