If you have not started using mobile marketing you need to. As our day to day lives move faster and faster, there is no better way than mobile to reach your prospects and customers. Everyone has their phone with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More and more, people are using their phones instead of their computers to do searches and make purchases. If you are not there or not tapping into the mobile market, you are missing out on new customers and potential sales.

Here are some things mobile can do for you:

  • Create interactive print pieces such as including QR codes, Augmented Reality or Near field Communication.
  • Use text messaging to get a 99% delivery rate and have your messages read instantly.
  • Get customers more engaged with mobile options for coupons, ordering, surveys, and location based information.

One pitfall to watch out for is creating mobile as a separate silo channel. You need to incorporate mobile into your other channels so that they are all working together for the common goal. When you are able to do this, people get a common experience throughout all the channels. That way, there is not a choppy unrelated feel between channels. You are offering a better experience for your users.

Mobile should be looked at as a gateway for your current marketing. Boost your website visits by creating a mobile version of your site. Easy to read, easy to push buttons and a slimmed down version from what you offer on your full site. Boost your direct mail response by adding a mobile response method for quick ordering or more information. Boost engagement with text-in options or create a game with mobile check in’s. If you can get creative and provide a fun experience for people, they will keep coming back as well as share it with others.

You can take small steps at a time to build your mobile presence. Start with mobile ready landing pages including your website. From there, decide what you are most interested in that will drive the experience you are looking for. Once you have mastered that, then you may want to get into text messaging and mobile coupons to round out your mobile marketing.

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