These days many companies restrict social media for their employees at work. They feel that employees should be working not “playing”. Well, what if we can show you that a more open social media policy can benefit your company? Remember we said more open, not a nonexistent policy. Let’s take a look at the benefits and pitfalls of allowing employees to use social media.


  1. Promotion: The more people that can spread your content and promote your ideas, the farther it will go. This creates larger promotions for the company.

  2. Personal: Employees will get to know customers and prospects better and vice versa. This will help create a stronger bond with your company. People do business with people.

  3. Exposure: You will have a wide variety of people who will reach others that your main account may not reach. This can be other social networks or just other groups of people.


  1. Employees: Some may not want to promote the company on their personal sites. They may not agree with a specific promotion or are just leery about personal exposure.

  2. Productivity: This can be affected if too much time is spent on social media. There needs to be rules in place to keep this in check.

  3. Morale: Some may not use social media and therefore do not want to participate or they are upset that the company is making them post information.

The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks however; this does not mean that you can just ignore the drawbacks. The drawbacks can be addressed with good planning and policies. If there are specific problems with one or more individuals you can address them directly with each person and tailor your plan to fit them. Before you release the employees on a social media marketing mission, sit down and plan out your strategy. What promotions are you doing, how do you want the messages structured, how often will there be comments, are employees free to make up their own comments or do you have canned comments? Creating a plan will not only give your employees a direction, it will give you a starting and ending point to measure what is working and what needs changing.

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When creating your plan allow for some fun as well. Employees can post pictures and talk about fun events that are going on in the office. Remember the more human your company is the better results you will see with social media marketing.

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