Over the years we have come across many mistakes that are being made in fulfillment. Some people are doing their own and are just not aware of what they should be doing. While others are using a service company and they are not following best practices. Here are the top mistakes we have seen:

  1. Wrong type of packaging: There are many types of packaging to choose from. Knowing when to us a bubble mailer instead of a carton is important. Your materials arriving at their destination in poor condition are of no use to your customers or sales reps.
  2. Too slow to ship out: When someone places an order with you how long does it take for them to receive it? The faster you get the products out the better your customers or sales reps are going to feel about the process.
  3. Listing unavailable items on order screen: There is no reason to list items on the order screen that they will not be able to purchase. Make sure that you do not show zero balance items.
  4. Not making returning items an easy process: when a customer or sales rep needs to return items the process should be easy. There should be a return label in each box already prepopulated with the correct address for them to ship to.
  5. Incorrect information on the shipping label: Make sure that all the information on the shipping label is correct. You do not want the item returned to you because of a typo in the address. You also do not want your customer or sales rep getting a package with their name spelled wrong on it.

The most important thing is that your customers or sales reps get the correct items, on time and in good condition. If you would like more information on fulfillment click here.

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