Does your direct mail need a facelift? Are you not getting the return on investment you need? The tangible power of direct mail can be built upon with new technology. One way to freshen up your direct mail is with augmented reality (AR). By using AR you engage the reader through their mobile device. You create an alternate reality that you can manipulate in whatever way works best for your marketing. Soon readers will be able to use other devices like Google Glass to activate your AR, so this technology is only going to grow.

Transform your direct mail piece into an experience that will captivate and motivate your recipients. Unleash your imagination and create powerful direct mail with the help of AR. Not only can AR impact your recipient but you can track who interacts with your mail piece and how often. This can provide you with valuable information to use in future marketing pieces. Beware, if done incorrectly augmented reality can be very costly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Planning: Before you decide to use AR, you need to plan how your direct mail will work and how AR fits into that plan. Just adding AR without a plan is not going to be effective.

  2. Design: You need to create a unique experience for the recipient. Design not only your piece but your AR with that in mind. Test your ideas with people outside of your organization to see what is working and what you need to fix.

  3. Call to action: Don’t forget your call to action. Yes, you need to get your design right and your AR working great, but if you forget why you are sending the direct mail you lose. The call to action must be compelling, give recipients a great reason to respond.

  4. Results: This is the key to future campaigns. You need to be tracking and reporting who, when, with what and why each person responded. The more information you gather with each mailing the better you will be able to target them with future offers.

Augmented reality can help you deliver a better message to your recipients which will result in better ROI for you. Engagement is the glue that sticks recipients to you. Use powerful marketing to drive the response you need.

Check out this YouTube video with some fun samples of how to use augmented reality:

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