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Email Marketing

How to Leverage Leads With Email Marketing

The reality is that when a prospect visits your website, they are not ready to buy. Email marketing can help nurture those prospects to become customers. This is not just any old email though; you need to send emails that are specific to their needs. Automation of this email program is called triggered emails. This sends emails to prospects based on actions that they take. So how can you make this work for you? 

Triggered Email Marketing:

  1. Action – your prospect takes action by doing something like visiting your web page, reading a blog post, downloading a white paper and so on.
  2. Email Sent – After your prospect takes the action, an email is sent based on that action such as they visited a special landing page and you send them either more information or a special offer based on that page.
  3. Follow up – If they don’t take action on your first email you can send a triggered follow up with a better offer.

The beauty of the type of email program is that it is all automatic, you do not have to take time out of your day to send these emails. There is some up-front setup time but once you have it set up you can forget all about it. Did you know that triggered email campaigns deliver 119% higher click rates than standard broadcast emails? Are you ready to jump on board?

So now that you see the value in triggered emails let’s look at some examples where they are a good fit.

  • Order confirmation – You can use your order confirmation email to suggest other things they might find useful based on the purchase.
  • Page Visits – You can use pages on your website to trigger special offers based on what is on the website.
  • Blog reads – Certain blogs can trigger special offers.
  • Birthdays – Create a special offer email for their birthday based on either search history or purchase history.

Basically, you want to create an email marketing workflow that allows you to build relationships with prospects based on their interests. The better you are at building the relationship and providing value, the higher your customer conversion rate will be. The key point here is to be a good resource and provide value, when you do that you will grow your customer base. Are you ready to get started?

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