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Fun Mobile Marketing

How to Create Fun Mobile Marketing

Did you know that the majority of people check their phone as much as 58 times a day? Mobile marketing is the best way to reach them quickly. There is no reason why you can’t create fun mobile marketing that drives sales. Stand out from the crowd by entertaining your customers and prospects with fun mobile marketing rather than just sending boring text messages. This does not have to be super expensive either. Check out these ideas.

Add some fun mobile marketing:

  • Alerts – You could send out a trivia question and ask your customers to text the correct answer back for a chance to win something. Another idea is to have your customers guess a designated word they have to use when ordering a product to get a discount. You can send out clues at specific intervals to keep them engaged.
  • Treasure hunt – If you have a store or a meeting location, you could hide prizes at your location and have your customers text a code to a certain number to receive instructions on how to find the prizes. You can also share some clues on your mobile website or feature a different product every day with an offer discount or a gift card to any customer who purchases this product.
  • Customer Content – Getting customers to create their own content and share it with you is a great way to interact with them. Get them to take pictures, videos, record sounds, draw or customize products and share with you and on social media. You should create new contests regularly. To make customers feel valued, share the best submissions on social media. If you are having a hard time getting people to participate in contests, try offering more valuable prizes.
  • Apps – You can develop an app that is original and entertaining. This will take some investment in time as well as money. You can base your game on your products or services. Consider creating a character you can use as a mascot for your brand. Place your products or services within your game and make sure to hide coupon codes within the game. You could, for instance, require players to unlock achievements to have access to coupon codes.

These are only four ideas, there are so many more you can use to create fun engaging and profitable mobile marketing. Find ways to get creative so that your customers want to be a part of the experience. The more involved they are with you the more they buy. Are you ready to get started?

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