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Social Media Marketing Mistakes

5 Typical Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing mistakes can be very bad for your brand. People on social media can be unforgiving, but that should not stop you from creating social media marketing. In order to avoid mistakes we have put together a list of the most common ones.

Social media marketing mistakes:

  1. No Strategy – You need to have a social media marketing strategy to meet your goals. So first, determine your goals and then setup a strategic plan to meet them.
  2. Not Commenting – You need to make sure that you are making comments when people ask questions or need help as well as when they say things that could make your brand look bad. Always comment publicly so that others can see how you handle issues. Never delete bad comments. Leave them up there for people to see how you helped or changed because of them.
  3. Targeted Audience – You need to make sure that you are targeting the right messages to the right people. Not everyone will want to buy the same things for the same reasons. By segmenting people into like categories you can correctly target them with relatable messaging.
  4. Automation – Be careful with the amount of automation you use for social media marketing. You may find yourself in an embarrassing situation when automation is not well monitored. You also need to make sure that you are providing human touch points. No one wants to interact with a bot, they want to know that conversations are with real life people.
  5. All Platforms – When you post the same thing on all social media platforms you are ineffective. Not all platforms are the same and what you post matters. The posts need to reflect how your audience interacts on each platform. Facebook is very different than Twitter so you need to be different on the channels.

If you can prevent bad social media marketing mistakes from happening, you will save yourself and your team a lot of effort on the back end to fix it and apologize. However, if something slips through, you must apologize right away. Own up to the social media marketing mistake and immediately take action so that something like that cannot happen again.

Social media marketing can be a fun way to communicate with your prospects and customers as long as you take precautions and plan to be transparent with any issues. Well thought out and planned posts are the best way to keep your company out of hot water. Don’t worry social media marketing mistakes are not the end of  the world.

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